Elsewhere Supply

The new convenient way to travel with quality products

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Meet Elsewhere Supply:

Forget squeezing your daily routine into leaky travel bottles. 

We package premium toiletries in convenient 1.0 ounce bottles and deliver them into a single use kit. Before you leave, we'll send the kit to your door or final destination in a TSA-approved and travel-ready bag.


How it Works

1. Build your kit

Choose 5-7 premium toiletries to take on your next trip.

2. Check your Mail 

Your customized toiletry kit will arrive in a convenient, single use TSA-approved bag and ready to travel.  

3. Hit the Road

Simply toss the kit in your suitcase and hit the road.

4. Travel home with less

Recycle your used kit at the end of your trip and travel home a little lighter.


Beyond the Drugstore


Hassle free

Delivered to your door or final destination and designed to recycle at the end of your trip.

Excess free

Each toiletry is packaged in a 1.0 ounce bottle and proportioned for single use on your upcoming trip alone.


Choose from premium and established personal care brands that you know and trust.


Only bring products you use while traveling.


Aluminum bottles over plastic for a more eco-friendly approach. Your bottles may crinkle during use but Mother Earth will thank you later.